12 January 2009

Third of Eight

Happy Happy Birthday Leslie, dear
Happy days will come to you all year
If I had a wish then it would be...
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me;)
Just thought you might like to know...
Twenty-six years ago today Leslie was born at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center at 0110 in the morning. I went into labor around 2100 on January 11th. I called for Grandma W to come and sit with Michelle, Danny, David, and Kimberley. You see, Leslie was due on January 1st and it was the night of January 11th. There was no doubt in my mind that she was on her way. Of course, in those days, we didn't have the luxury of knowing weather this baby was going to be a girl or a boy. I knew that she was going to be a girl, however, from the time Kimmie was just a couple of weeks old. I also knew what her name would be.
I left for the hospital around 2130, arriving there at 2200.
After the hospital staff got me settled the called for the Anesthesiologist. He came in and gave me my epidural and left, letting me know that he would be back in about thirty minutes to check on me. Well, the thirty minutes passed and when he returned, and asked how things were going and if I was still feeling the contractions, I told him that I was feeling the contractions, but that I was numb from the knees down. After checking with Dr. Pillsbury they decided that I was too far along to give me any more medication and have it do me any good, so of to the delivery room we went. By now it was about 0030. Just forty minutes later I had my fifth child...a healthy baby girl with tons of dark hair and a short little forehead. She reminded me a lot of Danny when he was born.
Leslie Ann Wurtz was 8# 3oz, like her brothers, but was only 19" long.
Through it all, Dan was trying to video tape the whole event and I remember him making the comment that it was a good thing that what he was seeing, from behind the camera, was black and white, not color. The doctor asked him why...well, had he been seeing color, he probably would have passed out...doesn't do well in those situations.
When it came time to name this new little girl, Dan came up with the name Susan. I asked him where he got that name and he said that Michelle had been playing with one of her dolls the night before and he heard her call the doll Susan. As I mentioned before, I already knew what her name was going to be and had known for close to 2 years, and besides, Susan was never even a consideration for me.
As for the spelling of her name...I wanted to spell Leslie with an e-y at the end, but Dan didn't want to and so because her name was going to be Leslie Ann, no matter how her first name was spelled, I gave into him. The reason I wanted e-y was because it was a little different that the usual spelling.
We came home from the hospital on Thursday morning, again staying an extra day. Knowing that I had 4 other very young children at home, I figured I deserved an extra day of rest. Well, that extra day in the hospital just about drove me nuts. There was nothing to do there except lay on the bed and watch TV. I was ready to go home and be with my other children, whom I was starting to miss, a lot;)
When we got home, Michelle was so happy to see her new little baby sister. She got to stay home from school that day, because it was a special day. She wanted to hold Leslie and so I told her that she had to sit on the couch. Before I knew it, all four of my other children were sitting on the couch waiting for a turn to hold the newest member of our family.
Leslie was a very easy baby to take care of and just as happy as can be.
I was grateful that she had come to live with us and be a very important part of our family.
I hope that you have had a wonderful birthday. I love you;)

10 January 2009

The First of Eight

This month is such a special one, it's birthday time for you...
We'd really like to celebrate this happy day with you
Zip-it-dee-a and Hi-dee-ho there's something we can do...
We'll sing a song that we all know...
Happy Birthday to you;)

Just thought you might like to know...
Thirty-two years ago today Michelle and I spent the day in our Conquista house cleaning and making all kinds of preparations to move into our first home. We were there from about nine in the morning until six that Monday night. After a day cleaning, aka transition, we went home to our apartment in Stanton. I made dinner for us and then we took a bath. I felt fine until after we got out of the tub. I felt my first contraction at 1930. I got dressed, got Michelle in her jammies and grabbed her bag and mine and headed to Grandma and Grandpa McCleary's house. It was about 2030 when we got there. Grandma opened the door, grabbed Grandpa's jacket, threw it at him and said, "we have to take Karen to the hospital." I told them to relax, that we were there, "just in case." You see, I was three days overdue and I wanted to watch the end of Little House on the Prairie.
At 2100 the show ended and I said, "OK, let's go." Uncle Gordon was the designated baby-sitter. He loved having Michelle over. They always had a good time together. Anyway, Grandma, Grandpa, and I got in the car and we headed to Long Beach Memorial. Grandpa drove down Spring Street instead of taking the freeway. A straighter shot to be sure, but although I didn't say anything...didn't want to be a backseat driver, literally, I was wishing, by now, that he had taken the freeway, but I just practiced my breathing. We got to the hospital at 2130 and...my first son was born at 2210...with no drugs, I might add;)
He weighed in at 8# 3 ozs and 20.5".
We stayed in the hospital until Thursday. Dr. Wells said that we could go home on Wednesday morning, but with the planned move into our new home, on the following Saturday, I wanted one more day of rest.
Thursday morning came and we were discharged. The lady that pushed our wheel chair out to the car let go of us when we were on a downhill sidewalk, because she didn't want to be in any pictures that were being taken. There we were, Danny and I rolling uncontrolled down the sidewalk..........aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were headed for the curb and the parking lot! I had to use my Fred Flintstone Brakes to keep my brand new son and me from becoming victims of a runaway wheel chair and impending road rash.
Well, we made it home safely and that night Danny slept beside me. The crib had been taken over to our new home by Gordon and Rex, in one of the many loads of things they moved over to the house for us, while I was in the hospital. It was to be set up in our new home. He slept fine, as did Michelle, and Dan. I, on the other hand, did not. I didn't want to roll over on my new son and smother him, so I just cat napped that night. Friday we (I) packed more, made the necessary calls to turn off the power and water.
When Friday night rolled around I had found a large, empty cardboard box that I lined with blankets. I put it on my dresser and that is where Danny spent his second night at "home".
Saturday was moving day...I had left my car at Grandma and Grandpa's on Monday night
and so Gordon and Rex continued to load it with boxes and move them for us. Other family and friends came and helped with the furniture and by Saturday night our apartment #15 on Cerritos Ave. in Stanton, CA was empty... except for Danny and me. It was getting dark and with the electricity being disconnected there was no light in the apartment. I sat on the floor in the living room, of our apartment, holding my five day old baby boy, in the dark.
Dan finally came and got us and we were off to our new house at 2001 Conquista Ave. in Long Beach, CA.
We ordered pizza that night (don't people know that a nursing mother shouldn't eat spicy food) and everyone, yes, including me enjoyed it.
While we were eating there was a knock at the front door.
We answered it, and it was none other than Long Beach's Finest...yes, the police were, "just checking." You see, our house had been a rental and had been empty for awhile. I guess the neighbors were just making sure that we were supposed to be there.
BTW, no one ever fessed up to forgetting about leaving Danny and me at the apartment, but we sat in the dark for a couple of hours.
That Saturday was also the day that Gordon's MGB was stolen, but that's another story.
Sunday, we attended Long Beach Third Ward for the first time with our little family of four; Dan, Michelle, Danny, and me. Danny was the newest member of the ward.
And Danny, that was your first week of life.
I love you and hope your birthday was a good one, although I know that you probably worked.

06 January 2009

Let It Snow...

As if we could do anything about it... The weather man said, tonight, that we have had 13" of snow since yesterday. It's been snowing since noon yesterday. Lots of white stuff all around and here's what it looks like...

..............wait.........is that my car under there????????????
.......a shot of Dave's car.....
Good thing he didn't have to work today

...and a shot of the front of the house...
As you can see, it was snowing when I took this picture...
Anyone want to come visit??? Only requirement is that you bring a snow shovel. Sound like fun??? It's really not so bad.
It's supposed to continue to snow through tonight and into tomorrow morning and then we're supposed to get a short break before Thursday's storm rolls in.
Back soon.........

05 January 2009

It's Been A Very Long Time...

OK...so I know that it's been a very long time since I've left a post here. I am going to try to do better this year.

As you know, January is a month loaded with birthdays for our family. Last year I stopped leaving reminders for each month's birthdays. Some of you would like me to go back to that, so I think that, if I remember, I will do just one reminder with all of the birthdays for that given month.

So, for January...10th Danny; 11th me; 12th Leslie; 16th Kathy (Reid's), and Lindsey; 18th Payseli; 22nd Bryson; and 25th Reid Patrick. Hope this helps;)

Here are a few shots of what things have looked like around here over the past few weeks...

This picture was taken at work after the first big storm of the season...We've got more snow from a storm that hit today...probably about 6" here...I'll get some pictures of it in the morning and share them with you later.

Sorry about this one being sideways...you don't get the full effect because of it...but check out those icicles...............I wouldn't want to be standing under them if they fell.............

This picture was also taken at work. The red was beautiful with all of the white that was around and the tree really stood out.

I hope that you are all keeping nice and, as we like to say, roasty toasty (thanks M) and that if you did set any goals for the New Year that they will come to fruition.

Happy New Year to all;)

02 August 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaak

After spending a very fast week in Southern California.......I'm back. I spent the week with Michelle, Karly and Lauren and we had a blast!
I got there on the 24th about 1130 and hung out until Michelle got home. She was able to get off early and so, after getting a shower and settled, we were off to do a little shopping and get some early dinner. First order of business...get a sewing machine, which we did and throughout the week, we put it to good use several times. We had dinner at the Claim Jumper, a must do, and then walked through Aaron Bros. Then we went home. Michelle had to work on Friday and I had plans to go to the International Quilt Festival that was being held at the LB Convention Center. I walked the festival for about 7 hours and loved every minute of it--TONS of new ideas swimming around in my head. After my 7 hour stroll, I headed home and waited for Karly and Lauren to get home. Michelle had tickets to go to the Dodger game on Friday evening and so Karly, Lauren, and I walked to Taco Bell for dinner. On the way, the girls took me to a store, that used to be a house, to show me some really fun things. The whole bathroom was in the process of being tiled with moasic glass tiles. Tub, floor, walls, yes, the WHOLE thing! I wish I would have had my camera with me.

Saturday we just hung out, did a little shopping and we lunched here---

Another must do

On Sunday we went down to Dana Point to see Grandpa McCleary. We had lunch and a nice visit.

OK, so you have to turn your head to see this one the right way...sorry, but I don't know how to turn them. As you can see...Karly is up to Michelle's shoulder and Lauren's not far behind. I also took a picture of the rag quilt and pillow that I made about 3 years ago for Grandpa for Christmas.

My willing and able assistants

Another head turner

Jeremy was waiting for us when we got home and so we visited for awhile and then he had to go.

Monday Karly, Lauren and I went down to the beach (Long Beach) that's about a block from where they live.

Anyone need sunglasses???

A close inspection of the bubbles coming out of the sand

Tuesday was another hang out day. Karly and Lauren worked on their samplers that they had designed and started earlier in the week, we went for a walk, had a picnic, played with their scooters, and after Michelle got home from work we went to Lauren's soccer practice.

Wednesday was Belmont Shore/Seal Beach day.

We left home about 0930 and got back about 1730. A long day to be sure, but again, we had a blast! Karly and Lauren took me to Powell's, a candy store on 2nd St. You talk about a kid in a candy store...wow! We also made a stop at Jamba Juice and Fern's Garden (good thing I didn't have more money with me). When we got to Seal Beach, MacDonald's was the first stop. One of Karly's friends from school was there along with her dad and brother. We had lunch and then headed over to my old residence so I could take a picture of the house. I was quite suprised to see that, although 95% of the plants that I had planted were gone, there were still a few. I guess they didn't want the maintence (they have a Ginko Tree trimmed like a shrub--YIKES!!!). Then it was off to the bead store, which I'm very sad to say is no longer there. In fact, most of the shops that used to be there are no more:( Oh well, we had more stops to make. Next on the list was ...the Sea Shell Shop, a favorite. This was where Karly and Lauren chose to spend their money. Karly added to her mermaid collection, and bought a couple of other items. For Lauren, it was a dolphin statue, and a turtle made out of shells. With smiles on their faces, we headed for the pier. I had told them that we would collect some shells while we were there and that the shells that they would find at Seal Beach would be different than the ones they found at Long Beach. We beachcomed from the pier to the jetty, taking pictures along the way. Then it was time to head back. We got home just before Michelle did and then got cleaned up. Michelle made chicken enciladas for us that night. BTW...we need that recipe to be added to the Kitchens 2 Kitchens blog...yummmmmmmmm!!!

Thursday we worked on more projects. Along with the samplers the girls were working on we started, and finished, sock monkeys. We also made a stadium blanket to sit on at soccer practice.

Karly and Lauren with the samplers that they designed and stitched.

They made these into little pillows

I wish I had a better picture of them so you all could see what an AWSOME job they did!

I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed spending as much time as I was able to with Karly and Lauren. As I was on my way home, it dawned on me that I had been able to spend more time with just them than I ever had and I loved every minute of it! Thanks Michelle, Karly, and Lauren for a great vacation!

Here's a few more of the over 200 pics that I took:

The Long Beach Arena

A bike club out for a Saturday morning ride along the beach

My California Girls

06 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dad ! ! !

This one is for my dad. It's his birthday today and he's celebrating in Dana Point, CA. I haven't seen him since May last year, but will be seeing him in a few weeks, when I head to CA. Dad, I hope that you have a GREAT DAY!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I worked and so my day was quite uneventful, especially since I wanted to go to bed early since I had to work the 5th, also.

We celebrated Addison's 5th birthday yesterday. She wanted to wait until her Uncle Brandon got home from his mission, which he did on Wed afternoon. She had a ladybug pinata. Dave took pics so you'll have to look for them on their blog. The high light was, of course, the flying candy when the pinata was demolished by Uncle Brandon, at Addie's request, and the low light, when Addie's hair caught on fire when she got too close to the candles:( Even with that, everyone had a fun time. There was lots to eat, a yummy strawberry dessert that Auntie Lele made with puff pastry and, of course, cake and ice cream.

Les and I did the Wasatch Shop Hop last week. We got to all 15 shops in 2 days. Kendrick was our little traveling companion and he was on his very best behavior. Really! We had a good time checking out all of the shops and the quilts that they decorated with. They left us with lots of ideas swimming around in our heads.

It's been 100+ around here, but was a little cooler yesterday. Should be back up to the century mark by Thurs. Summer is not my favorite season!

We had a BBQ today. It was overcast for the greater part of the day and there was a breeze blowing and so quite nice. L, P and K came over. D, G, and kids had gone over to tell Brittany and family goodbye and when they got back we bbq'd steak, had baked potatoes, corn on the cobb, pasta salad, and we were supposed to have watermelon, but I forgot to bring it out so it's still in the fridg. I'll be eating watermelon from now to next month if I don't get some help.

I hope everyone has a great week!

15 June 2008


This is to wish all of you fathers out there a Happy Day.

We're expecting a very warm day-supposed to be in the 90's. I guess that summer is officially here.

Les and family have been in St. George for a couple of days and are heading for California today. They'll be down there for about a week and then head back home. They plan on spending a couple more days in St. George on the way home.

I couldn't let Leslie's little veggie garden dry out and wilt and die so I went over last night and watered. I'm going to try to get back over there tomorrow after work and spend a little more time and give everything a good drink. JT and Addie went with me yesterday. The main attraction was the resident hen that lives next door. There were a few of the kids out that live next to Leslie and Phill who told us that the hen wouldn't be around much longer. They didn't say why or where she was going.....

Well, I get to work today-short shift only 6 hours. Six hours too long for a Sunday, if you ask me.

So...Dad, Danny, Dave, Ethan, Phill, Chris and yes, Dan...I hope that you all have a GREAT Father's Day and that you all have a great week!